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Computer Science Linux Web Server

All students with Computer Science Linux Accounts who wish to create and view webpages for their class must perform the following steps to enable access:

1) From your home directory, type cd .. and hit ENTER.

2) Chmod your home directory to 755 by typing "chmod  755 <home directory> "  (ex: chmod 755 03) with your home directory being the last 2 digits of your Computer Science login and hit ENTER. (For example, a login of cs1257603, the home directory is 03).

3) Verify that you have changed the permissions on your directory by typing "ls -l |more>" and hit ENTER. Your directory should display 755 permissions.

4) Type "cd" to return to your home directory.

5) To create and view webpages for your class, Place your html and image files in the directory public_html

6) Ensure you have a index.html or index.htm file in your directory, this is required to view webpages in your directory.

7) To create and run CGI scripts, you will need to create a cgi-bin directory within the public_html directory. Set the permissions on the cgi-bin directory to 755. All CGI scripts must be run from this directory.

8) To view your website, point your browser to the URL http://cs.middlesexcc.edu/~username (replace username with your CS account ID).


To access the server remotely for terminal access, you will require a SSH client. You may obtain a free SSH client from Simon Tatham along with documentation here Download Putty

To transfer files to and from your account remotely, you will require a SFTP client. You may obtain a free open source SFTP/SCP client and documentation here Download WinSCP


SSH: ssh.middlesexcc.edu

SFTP: sftp.middlesexcc.edu

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